Promote Liberty!

Summer has officially arrived!  The MoLP State Convention is in the review mirror and it’s time to turn our focus to the Missouri State Fair (MSF) in August.  We are looking for libertarian minded individuals to help support the MoLP’s largest outreach at the MSF.  There will be no candidates to support this year so our attention will be directed towards political issues with some lampooning thrown in as well.
The MSF runs from August 10th through August 20th.   We’re in need of people to staff our booth during that time frame.  It sits along the main thoroughfare with plenty of foot traffic.  Here’s your opportunity to engage fair patrons with the ideals of liberty and the only political party that supports them.  Follow this link for more details.  Volunteer NOW and your MSF entrance ticket will be on us!
MSF Coordinator,
Ron Bream
(816) 666-3123
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