Bill Slantz

I am not a Democrat OR a Republican —I am a Libertarian.

I believe in a limited government. Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and accept responsibility for the choices they make. The Libertarian way approaches politics based on the principle of self-ownership — no group, government nor individual should be allowed to dictate or direct the life of any other group, government or individual.

Lieutenant Governor

Ken Iverson

Ken Iverson is a US Navy veteran, a former defense analyst, and engineer with a bachelors degree from the University of Minnesota and a masters from the University of North Texas. He also completed post graduate studies in geospatial science and engineering at South Dakota State University.

Today Ken brings his technical problem solving skills to bear on the economic and social ills plaguing Missouri and America. He recognizes that individuals, free to act peacefully on their own behalf, are the engines of economic and social progress in society. Government’s purpose is to ensure our freedoms, which are to be limited only when they impinge on the equal rights of others.

Democratic socialism has openly demonstrated its ineptitude through its countless failures amid its gross overspending, debt, currency debasement, and excessive inflation. It’s time to recognize and undo these many assaults on freedom so that each of us can once again be in control of our own lives and voluntarily cooperate with others on mutually beneficial terms.

Likewise our government’s costly foreign interventions have left us much poorer, yet no safer.  Democrats and republicans continue to lead us down a path of evermore taxation, debt, and misery.  They work together to fleece the public through fear and force.

Now is our chance to stop the madness and vote out the dem-reps, along with their failed policies. A groundswell of a new awareness is taking hold; a libertarian awareness of the power of the sovereign individual over the arbitrary dictates of  the state.

Join Ken Iverson and the Libertarian movement and free yourself and those you care about from the jaws of leviathan.

U.S. Representative - District 3

Jordan Rowden

My passion for politics began in 2010 beginning with the tea party and the implementation of ObamaCare. After voting for Republicans election after election, I have grown tired of unfulfilled promises, the ever expanding government and increasing national debt. I have gone through the process of accepting that voting 3rd party is not a wasted vote but instead voting for a party that makes false promises and takes their constituents for granted is a wasted vote. My desire is now to give the people of Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District a new option that will vote their values and reduce the size and scope of government.



U.S. Representative - District 5

William Truman (Bill) Wayne

Like most Libertarians, I am socially tolerant and economically conservative.
I’m a strong gun rights advocate, believe the “war on drugs” has done more
harm than good, and will work to reduce government interference in our
daily lives. It’s time to quit voting for the lesser of two evils and take a look
at the Libertarian Party

U.S. Representative - District 7

Kevin Craig

My name is Kevin Craig and I am running against the Republican and the Democrat candidates because I’m convinced America’s Founding Fathers would not vote for them. If you love the idea of “Liberty Under God,” you should vote for Kevin Craig, and send a powerful and clear message to the likely winner of the election, your fellow Missourians, and to Washington D.C.

There are only a handful of Congressmen in Washington who believe in Liberty Under God. The vast majority have consistently voted their belief that your life should be monitored and regulated by a huge Secular State. America’s Founding Fathers would be utterly aghast at the size of our intrusive, paternalistic, and warlike government. Their shock would turn to anger if they were told that the federal government orders cities, states and communities to prohibit prayer and the Ten Commandments in public places. And if they were to listen to our politicians’ campaign speeches, they would see instantly that the federal government claims to be America’s Secular Messiah, bringing social salvation to the U.S. and the entire world.


State Representative - District 93

James J. O'Donnell III

Libertarian candidate for MO House District 93 Representative which includes parts of the neighborhoods and townships of Lemay, Mehlville, Affton, and Bella Villa

A US Navy Veteran and resident of Lemay, James, volunteers locally as a member of the Affton Elks, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Knights of Columbus, Ancient Order of Hibernians- Cardinal Glennon Div 2., St Louis Irish County Board, Ancient Order of Hibernians St Patrick’s Day Parade committee, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Libertarian Parties of St Louis County, Missouri, and National, Restaurant Commissioner for St Louis County. 

Beyond our community, James volunteers with the Conference of Food Protection, International Association of Food Protection, National Environmental Health Association, Missouri Environmental Health Association, and Institute of Food Technologists.

As a food safety and sustainability expert and thought leader, James uses his expertise to work with industry, regulatory, and academic partners to protect food safety, quality and integrity today, for our children, and for future generations.

He is a Food Safety & Sustainability Leader with extensive experience protecting the consumer’s food through scientific efforts, regulatory interaction, standard and policy compliance and development. He excels at developing business relationships and collaborations that bring about ground-breaking technologies, techniques and paradigm-shifting ideas. As a people manager, he focuses on developing a collaborative, high-functioning, cohesive team. He uses his eclectic experience and resources to find solutions to current problems.

He is a true believer that you are what you eat. Sharing a meal is not just about the food but also the sharing of thoughts and cultures. “If we provide better and safer food, we can change the world.”

Always eager to discover new challenges that increase personal growth and development whilst aiding improvement for the greater good.

State Representative - District 116

Ethan Jones

As a father of four, a small business owner, and the chairman of the St. Francois County Libertarian Party, I’ve been deeply involved in our community. However, it was a pivotal moment when the current representative of District 116, Dale Wright, proposed House Bill 1809, granting police intrusive powers that infringed on our Fourth Amendment rights. This blatant violation of property rights and personal liberties became my catalyst for action.


I stand for the fundamental rights of individuals, including property rights and parental rights. I believe in decentralizing government power, defending the guard, and advocating for a free market economy. Moreover, I’m committed to reforming our justice system by implementing offender programs that empower individuals to contribute positively to society.


My platform is clear: no victim, no crime; oppose government tyranny and taxation without representation; and prioritize meaningful spending over wasteful endeavors. I reject eminent domain, victimless crime laws, and mass surveillance, advocating instead for policies that enhance personal freedom and economic prosperity.


My mission is to serve the people of Missouri, to alleviate the burdens imposed by unnecessary government intervention, and to ensure that every Missourian can thrive without fear of government overreach.

Be Bold.

Stand Up For Freedom.

Make Liberty Happen.

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