State Convention News

The Missouri Libertarian Party ended an extremely busy State Convention Saturday, May 20th.  The morning business session included the election of a new slate of Officers and a complete rewrite of our Bylaws.
Bill Slantz (Chair), Sean O’Toole (Treasurer) and Greg Tlapek our long serving (Executive Director) relinquished their positions to make way for others in our organization to take leadership roles.
Dustin Coffell was elected as our new (Chair), with Randy Langkraehr moving into the (Vice Chair) position.  Shelley Brandt has taken over the (Secretary) position with Nick Kasoff becoming our new (Treasurer).
Our bylaws had become woefully outdated and with the arduous efforts of Dustin Coffell and his Committee they were able to bring them in line with Missouri State Statutes and improve their clarity.  With minimal modifications at Convention, they were approved by the State Committee.
We recognized MoLP members with AWARDS for those who have been instrumental in supporting our Party efforts.
  • Karl Wetzel Lifetime Achievement (Generous bequeath to the MoLP):
  • Sean O’Toole – Candidate for numerous Offices and retiring Treasurer.
  • Greg Talpek – Perennial Candidate and retiring Executive Director for over 20 years.
  • Champion of Freedom:
  • John Hartwig – Garnered greater than 2% of the vote in the State Auditor race to keep the MoLP on the ballot.
  • Dustin Coffell –  State District 70 Candidate for office gaining 25% of the vote and his great work on the Bylaws.
  • Dr. George Zsidisin – U.S. Rep District 1 Candidate and instrumental in getting the ALE off the ground.
  • Ted Brown – Attained more votes than any MO LP Presidential Candidate from a single county running for Prosecuting Attorney.
  • Mike Bozarth Journalism (Newspaper publisher):
  • Ron Bream – Most prolific writer of the year.
The afternoon session featured speakers Lloyd Sloan of No MO Sales Tax, Larry Bradley promoting RCV, Pat Holland of the MO Freedom Initiative and Tom Martz of the Locke and Smith Foundation.
Join us at the upcoming Missouri State Fair Aug 10-20.  The MoLP is hosting a booth and we’re looking for libertarian minded people to help staff it.  Spend half the day promoting Liberty and the rest enjoying what the Fair has to offer.  Volunteer NOW and your entrance ticket will be on us!
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