MO Gas Tax Rebate

Last year the Missouri legislature voted to increase gas taxes by 12.5 cents per gallon over 5 years for road infrastructure.  The first installment of 2.5 cents went into effect Oct 1, 2021.  The tax increased again by 2.5 cents effective July 1, 2022.  The Columbia Missourian has the details.

Part of that legislation permits Missourians and others to request a rebate for those increases if your vehicle is under 26,000 pounds.  For most Missourians, it’s not worth the trouble of saving receipts and filling out the paper work.  If you purchased 400 gallons of gasoline over the last 9 months, your rebate would be $10.

However, Tammi Hilton a restaurant owner from St. Charles County has developed an app called nomogastax for iPhone with the android app coming soon and provides more detail in this Missourinet interview. She’s working to integrate the app with the Department of Revenue to ease the pain of pursuing the rebate.

As the gas the tax increases, for those with long commutes and for those who drive for a living, it could very well be worth the effort!

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