State Convention Story

I made it to the Missouri state convention last weekend and finally got to meet a bunch of you that I’ve been following!


We heard from Adam Kokesh, Arvin Vohra, and John Phillips (Kim Ruff’s running mate) during the debate.


  • Laura Ebke had some great information on getting Libertarians in office.
  • Cecil Ince stressed the importance of having Libertarian election judges.
  • We also heard guests speak about STOPP personal property tax, proportional representation, ranked choice voting, and Missouri Cannabis Reform.


We need Libertarians to run for offices. Even if we know we won’t win, we can still spread our messages of freedom and Liberty and maintain ballot access for future campaigns.


It was great meeting a few new people, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to get involved in the local and state affiliates.


We’re the voices reaching new voters.
We can’t fight the duopoly without personal outreach.
Your local and state affiliates can help you learn how.


Robin Dominick
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