Special Election in St Louis County

LaDonna Higgins — St. Louis County Libertarian Party

As a result of the turmoil caused by the resignation of St Louis county executive Steve Stenger there are two vacancies on the St Louis county council.  These vacancies will be filled by a special election to be held on Tuesday August 6th. Because of the short notice it is typically difficult to recruit candidates for these special elections.  However, the St Louis Libertarians nominated candidates for both of the vacancies.   They are Nick Kasoff for county council district #1 and Jim Higgins for county council district #2.  Both candidates are solid Libertarian activists.  There will be a three-way race in each district between the Democrat, Republican and Libertarian.

Both  Libertarian candidates agree on the following positions:

  • Restore integrity to county government by eliminating pay-to-play schemes.
  • Oppose the Saint Louis city-Saint Louis county merger .
  • Work to lower property taxes.  Many senior citizens  have difficulty staying in their homes because of the heavy property tax burden.  People are fleeing St Louis County for neighboring counties because of high taxes
  • Reduce county expenditures.   The county employs several thousand full time salaried employees.   Many of them either leave or retire each year. The county does not need that many bureaucrats controlling our lives.

The district maps are included below.  If you happen to live in St Louis County and in one of these districts please vote in the Tuesday August 6th special election.

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