Pack up the Babies and Grab the Old Ladies

Executive Director to offer compelling vision of an achievable future at this Saturday’s 2019 Missouri Libertarian Party Convention

With a nod to Neil Diamond, I invite you to board your personal transportation device and find your way to Springfield for some or any part of the all-day event.

If you don’t think twice, it’ll be alright.

Food to spare, and good speakers there.


If you decide to drive there on Friday and spend the night, there are still plenty of rooms available at the Libertarian Party rate of $84.80 after tax.

If you leave on Saturday, it’s about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour trip from KC or St. Louis or anywhere in between.

Lamplighter Inn North, Springfield 417-869-3900


  • Laura Ebke is at about 9:00. She’s a former state representative from Nebraska who switched to Libertarian after getting elected.
  • Gary Nolan at about 11:00.  He’s got great creds, including his current gig as a libertarian radio talk-show host in Columbia.
  • Greg Tlapek at about 1:30.  The MOLP’s esteemed (I say of myself) Executive Director, will give a report during the State Committee meeting which will include election of officers and Executive Committee.
  • 2020 Presidential Candidate Forum at about 7:30pm


Several folks from the national LP will inform about the state of the Party in other parts.

Also, there will be several folks set up at vendor tables:

Bob Stephens, the former mayor of Springfield

Missourians for Cannabis Policy Reform

Stop Taxing Our Property – Gary Nolan

Committee to Elect Kim Ruff

Convention of States Project – Brett Sterley

The Center Strikes Back – Larry Bradley


There are different levels.  You can register in advance or at the door.

2019 Missouri Libertarian Party Convention

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