It’s time for a Libertarian Revolution

The General Election season is underway and we have some very strong candidates in the running!  Imagine for a moment having a Libertarian in Washington, D.C. or in Jefferson City whom YOU elected to protect your rights to life, liberty, and property.  That official will be THE official that all others will want to have on their side of the aisle.  As LP members, we remain true to our values of limited government and individual freedom without the use of force to obtain them. 

Is this the MOST important election of our time?  No.  However, the time is ripe for a Libertarian win as 70% of Americans are tired of the duopoly system. Last session, we watched the Missouri Republican State Senate crack at the seams.  With the recent increase of armed IRS agents, hyper inflation, and the cry for school choice, NOW is the time to put a Libertarian in office! 

During a recent interview with the Republican State Senate District 10 Candidate (who has a Libertarian opponent in the General Election), the STL Public Radio interviewer said, “Effectively, you’re the Senator-elect, barring a Libertarian Revolution…”  


It’s time to bring back the Revolution. It’s time for Libertarians to mobilize and to support our State Candidates by donating and volunteering!  Let’s spread the message of Liberty far and wide!

What can you do?

  • Follow the Missouri Libertarian Party page on FB.
  • Follow Libertarian Candidates in your area on FB.
  • Like and SHARE posts, events, and fundraisers.
  • Donate to your local candidate.
  • Volunteer to help a local candidate win!

TOGETHER we can spread the message of Liberty and put a Libertarian in office.  BUT, we have to work together.  Time is of the essence!  

Liberty demands nothing less than victory.

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