Click on any of the stories below to read about individuals who have declared their intention to Carry the Flag for Missouri Libertarians in 2016.--------------------------------------To see a full listing of our candidates, and their contact information, click on the "Elections" tab above----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Read more
Libertarians in Missouri are fortunate to have Martin Hague carrying our flag for a second time. This time he's waving it higher. In 2010 Martin afforded Libertarians in his state representative district a candidate to vote for. Martin is a first generation American who came to the United States from...Read more
Bill Slantz hasn't stop since he started. I truly believe individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives , he wrote in 2007. Bill first appeared on my radar screen in 2003. The year 2007 is when Bill really got started. I believe he's run for...Read more
Please pardon our mess... The 2016 Missouri Libertarian Convention will take place in Jefferson City on March 19th. It is designed to cater to the people who are likely to attend--a "Libertarians' Libertarian Party convention". None will be turned away. We will soon have registration up on the website and...Read more
Brian Lautenschlager will do the Party proud. He is both eloquent and passionate when he talks about how the D's and R's use the power of government to control us by coercing the behavior they want. It is true, what he says. Maybe he'll figure out a nice way to...Read more
Christian is personable on the phone. He made me laugh. His wife, "She's fine with it", he said. They're both nearly exasperated with the political situation. "We're both on the borderline between giving up entirely or doing something about it." You can get old and depressed and sit at home...Read more
The first time Robb ever heard of the Libertarian Party was in a voting booth in 1994. "I was shocked to see a party I hadn't heard of and so inquiring found this is the perfect party for me." Robb is a sax player. He played on cruise ships for...Read more
Andrew Bolin is about 35 years old. Rachel, his wife, isn't especially interested in politics. She likes Andrew, though, and for that we like her. Their children are doing their job, being cute. Originally from Detroit, Andrew has a college degree and the government's permission to do whatever it is...Read more
Story to follow...Read more
Cisse Spragins will wave the flag once more, as our girl for Governor this time. It isn't hard to remember her, or how to pronounce her first name. It's Cisse, as in sister. Her last name is a little more challenging, as is she--her challengers will find, if they find...Read more
Jim will jump into the ring in their US Congressional District while LaDonna mixes it up in the St. Louis County Council contest. Salt of the earth, the Higginses have been involved in the Libertarian Party almost since its inception in 1971. One of their daughters gets some credit for...Read more
Dan Hogan first heard of the Libertarian party in about 7th grade. Some girl in a school in Alabama told the class there was a Libertarian running for President, too. Later he discovered an appreciation of the social aspects of liberty represented by the Libertarian party, as well as the...Read more
Jonathan Shell has clearly enjoyed the effort he's made to run on our ticket for US Congress in the 8th District. He's got social media--facebook, twitter, YouTube and a website. His enthusiasm is catching. Check him out. You will find links to all his social media if you click on...Read more
The Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Executive Director of the Missouri Libertarian Party have declared their intention to Carry the Flag for Missouri Libertarians in 2016. Chair, Bill Slantz, will run where needed. He is leaning towards running for state representative though if one of the statewide offices needs filling,...Read more
MOLP 2015 SEMO District Fair Volunteers Needed. Annually the Missouri LP has a booth at the SEMO District Fair. This year the fair runs from September 12th thru September 19th. The fair is open from 11:00AM to 10:30PM on Saturday September 12th and Sunday September 13th, 1:00PM to 10:30PM on...Read more