2015 Missouri State Convention

The 2015 Missouri LP Convention will take place at the Holiday Inn Columbia-East in Columbia Missouri on Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 8 am to 5 pm.

Early-bird savings - register by April 1st. Register today and we'll see you in Columbia!

Come to the Missouri LP 2015 State Convention for topics and content you won't get anywhere else (certainly not at your run of the mill political convention)! The full agenda and speaker info is here . Register today !Read more
This article appeared in the Southeast Missourian on 12/30/14. By Rick Vandeven The late, great comedian / philosopher George Carlin wisely quipped that, "bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out". This adage is exemplified by the $1.1 trillion, 1700 page "CRomnibus" brought to us courtesy of...Read more
The events in Saint Louis County and in Ferguson have highlighted a fundamental disconnect between the rights of the citizens and a government that wants to become the master instead of the servant of the people. A government that preys upon its own citizens for more revenue instead of protecting...Read more
We sincerely thank the 28 candidates who carried the Missouri LP banner in Tuesday's election. Results were: State Auditor - Sean O'Toole (3) - 19.7% US Congress 1 - Robb Cunningham (3) - 5.5% US Congress 2 - Bill Slantz (3) - 3.3% US Congress 3 - Steven Hedrick (3)...Read more
by Dr. Cisse Spragins The Missouri LP held an in-person executive committee meeting on September 20th in Jefferson City. At the meeting, the committee voted to spend $1500 for a billboard campaign for the State Auditor's race. The campaign raised an additional $4000 and 10 billboards have gone up around...Read more
While some might describe the tragic events in Ferguson as "anarchy", in reality, the opposite is true. The situation unfolding is not anarchy, rather it is the predictable result of persistent and egregious state intervention on multiple fronts, writ large. The twin atrocities of the racist War on Drugs and...Read more
For Immediate Release In yesterday's primary, a record number of voters requested Libertarian ballots. More than 5654 voters requested Libertarian ballots, up from a previous high of 3916 in 2004. Though numbers of ballots cast by party statewide are not available, estimates based upon the number of votes in the...Read more
The Primary Election is today! Please vote and pull a Libertarian ballot. If you have trouble getting a Libertarian ballot please reply to this message and let us know. Thank you. We recommend a "no" vote on the Right to Farm Amendment and the Transportation Tax Amendment. We recommend a...Read more
By Greg Tlapek Kansas City schools are the poster child for how throwing money at education does not improve results. The Kansas City Public School District closed almost half its schools in 2010. The schools were dysfunctional and had lost more than half their students, according to an article in...Read more
Please remember to vote this Tuesday Aug 5th and pull a Libertarian ballot. If you have trouble obtaining a Libertarian ballot, please contact us info@lpmo.org or call 877-868-3487. There are five proposed amendments to the Missouri Constitution on the August 5 th Primary Ballot. All of these proposed amendments came...Read more
By Bill Wayne Suppose you lived in one of those countries where only one party is allowed on the ballot? There, the only reason to go to the polls would be to rubber stamp the official choice for an office. The United States, on the other hand, has thrived on...Read more
By Greg Tlapek We spend $10,000 a year to send children to school in Missouri. Ten thousand dollars a year for public K-12 education is unacceptably expensive. As a candidate for the Missouri State House of Representatives from the 147th district, my focus is on education. Let us change the...Read more
By Mike A. Bozarth Some Libertarians would agree that building and maintaining public infrastructure, such as our highways and bridges, is a responsibility of government. The Missouri Department of Transportation has struggled to stretch their budget to meet our needs. The revenue the state collects on its gasoline tax has...Read more
By Rick Vandeven On August 5, the voters of Missouri will be asked to consider whether or not to place Amendment 1, the "right to farm" amendment, into the Missouri Constitution. The ballot language reads... Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to ensure that the right of Missouri citizens to...Read more
By Greg Tlapek Legislative Measures You've probably heard of "initiative and referendum". It's how stuff gets on the ballot. Except that not one of the issues on the August primary ballot got there through that process. All the issues on the ballot this August were placed there by the Missouri...Read more