Doug Burlison files for Springfield City Council Seat


Today, Doug Burlison, the key leader responsible for the Springfield audit, has filed his petition to the Springfield City Clerk's office to be placed on the ballot as a candidate for City Councilmember, General Seat C. Burlison, born in Springfield in 1964, has been active in the local community for many years. His latest accomplishment was initiating the audit of the City of Springfield by the State Auditor's Office. With help from other citizens, over seven thousand signatures were collected to bring the audit into action. Auditing of the city is still in process, but over $1 million dollars has already been discovered missing from the Springfield Municipal Court. A former U.S. Army Sergeant, Burlison is working to maintain a city government which is accountable to the citizens of Springfield and keeping their interests the highest priority while preserving fiscal responsibility.

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