Sunset Hills, MO City Government Voted Out for Eminent Domain Abuse

By Glenn Nielsen

Thanks in part to efforts by Missouri Libertarians all Sunset Hills, MO city government incumbent elected officials were turned out of office in the April 4th election. Here are links to several blog entries about Eminent Domain Abuse in Sunset Hills, MO:

  • Sunset Hills, MO City Government Voted Out for Eminent Domain Abuse
  • Eminent Domain Abuse - Sunset Hills, MO - A story of hollow homes and lives left in limbo

Darla Maloney, Missouri Libertarian Party Chair, sent out the following e-mail the following day:

I wanted to send out a message about Sunset Hills last night, but didn't get home from the "Victory" Party until after 2 this morning.

I have been working diligently with the Sunset Hills campaign against eminent domain for a few months, nearly everyday for the past 4 weeks. Eric Harris and Greg Arrigo both put time into Sunset Hills as well. Last night, all "5" of our candidates won. Clean sweep victory, you can't get any better than that. I was late getting to the Victory Party, but was astonished at my reception. I was treated like a celebrity. The new Mayor, aldermen, and their families thanked me numerous times for all my hard work, saying they didn't think they could have made it without me. The Post Dispatch even has a near life size head shot (the back of my head, but at least they told who's head it was) and Mayor Hunzeker, as he personally thanked me. I believe that between all the wives, I was introduced to everyone in the room by the end of the evening. I've been invited by all 4 alderman and the mayor to attend the swearing in ceremony next Tuesday.

I'm totally fired up now, for the projects to work on this year, such as campaigns for our LP candidates, and other municipality type races where our efforts can make a difference.

Yours in Liberty,

Darla Maloney
Mom on a Mission
Chair, MO-LP