Sean O'Toole--The Stuff Revolutions Are Made Of

Today is the first day of candidate filing. Sean O'Toole has declared his intention to run for State Treasurer. He committed to run where needed early on. As our ticket filled in, the Treasurer's race was still wanting, and Sean fits the bill. Sean has a head for numbers. He works in the world of computer programming, coming off a career creating and trading complicated futures options strategies.

Sean is married to Cisse Spragins, one of our two declared candidates for Governor. They have been putting up with each other (Sean and Cisse), as well as the ups and downs of keeping the Libertarian Party going since before they first showed up at a Missouri Libertarian Party Convention back in 2004. (Consider showing up yourself this year--click here.)

Already penciled in for the State Auditor's race in 2018, Sean will have to give up that dream if elected to the office of Treasurer this year. LOL

OK. Let's be real. We're still building this buggy. Absent a "personality" like former Governor Jesse Ventura from the former home state of Sean and Cisse, it is difficult to be perceived as a serious threat to the major parties, in spite of the fact that one (in this case Sean) is the best person for the job. It would be excellent, exhilarating, effervescent, if Sean were elected. Although "interesting" comes to mind, there is no adjective that could adequately describe the aberration it would be if Missourians put a Libertarian husband and wife team in statewide offices this year. Missourians would be incredibly fortunate. Sean and Cisse are the stuff revolutions are made.

Even if we elected Sean _and_ Cisse, that would not a Party make. "Hmmm...what was that ticket Ventura ran on?"

Jump on this buggy. People are dissatisfied. We are the political arm of a serious and enduring political philosophy with many adherents. We must field a serious number of candidates. That is what political parties do. You may not feel you represent an attractive alternative to the incumbent or the entrenched party. You may be surprised. It is a complicated process. Your name on the ballot, along with the names of many others, will attract more attractive candidates in the future. You do not have to stand on a soap box. It begins here. Carry the Flag!