Russ Monchil-Raising Kids, Cattle, and Consciousness in Cameron

Russ Monchil first heard of the Libertarian Party from reading one of Jesse Ventura's books. He joined the Party in 2005 and has run for US Congress twice before, in 2012 and 2014. He is a Libertarian county committeeman a member of the Missouri Libertarian Party Executive Committee.

Russ and his wife have a couple of children in school and he got himself elected to the local school board. He is in his second term. Their school district does not have a high school and pays to send students to any of three high schools in surrounding districts. They live in rural Caldwell County outside Cameron. Russ will buy cattle when prices dip and put some weight on them, or sometimes do a cow/calf operation. And even when he's raising his kids and cattle, he's always raising consciousness of the Libertarian Party.

You can find his contact information if you click on the "Elections" tab. Check out his Facebook page to get a sense of what interests him. He's a pretty charismatic character.