Robb E. Cunningham Toots Our Horn In 1st US Congressional District

The first time Robb ever heard of the Libertarian Party was in a voting booth in 1994.

"I was shocked to see a party I hadn't heard of and so inquiring found this is the perfect party for me."

Robb is a sax player. He played on cruise ships for years and the importance of having names on the ballot as a way to get people to check us out has brought him back for many return engagements on this liberty ship we call the MOLP.

To continue the metaphor, Robb is steering our ship through the high seas of inner city St. Louis. If you check out his Facebook page you'll find he is sympathetic to the problems of people who find themselves in very rough water. He sometimes takes issue with his fellow Libertarians though he's never far off course and, mixing metaphors, he stays true to the tune. It is a candidate's prerogative.

Click on the "elections" tab at the top of the page to find the link to Robb's Facebook page. Check it out. You may find yourself in harmony. You may even want to join with Robb and swell the chorus. Finally, to throw in an aphorism, Robb might say, "They can't vote Libertarian if there's not a Libertarian on the ballot."