Missouri Farm Bureau Eminent Domain Rally at the State Capitol

The Missouri Farm Bureau (MFB) held a rally at the State Capitol in Jefferson City January 25th, 2006 to support Eminent Domain Reform. Speakers included Missouri Farm Bureau President Charles Kruse, Governor Matt Blunt, and US House 9th District Representative Kenny Hulshoff.

Attendance at the rally was estimated at 250 - 400 people.

Michael Gibbons, President Pro Tem of the Missouri Senate and the State Senator from District 15 where a major disruption occurred in the life of some Sunset Hills residents due to the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Tax Development Districts (TDD), and Eminent Domain. He spoke very passionately about ending Eminent Domain Abuse.

Periodically during the rally members of the Missouri Eminent Domain Abuse Coalition (MEDAC) holding signs like "Keep Your Hands Off My Home", "Keep Your Hands Off My Business", and "End Eminent Domain Abuse" chanted "No Compromise, No Compromise, ...". Later in the rally MEDAC co-chairman Steve Blechle spoke, here is a transcript.

A number of Missouri Libertarians attended the rally including Vice Chair John Williams, Webmaster Glenn Nielsen, Executive Committee member Greg Arrigo, and Boone County LP Chair John Schultz.

Here are some pictures from the rally.