"I'm it," Johnson is declared to declare

Newspapers across America today are running an AP story on Gary Johnson next to the news that Trump has cinched enough delegates to win the Republican Party nomination. "I'm it", Johnson is declared to declare. The headline below with the picture of Johnson is from the bigstory.ap.org website and a link to it is below the picture.


The story contains typical slurs. For example Johnson is called "quirky." In the first line it reports he has "no plan to stop talking about his drug use." It also informs that Johnson has secured former Massachusetts governor, William Weld, as a running mate.

In fact Gary Johnson may not be it.

Twenty-four Missourians, a full delegation, will be at the national Libertarian Party convention in Orlando this weekend to choose our presidential and vice-presidential nominees. All three of the front runners have support in our delegation, among them Austin Petersen a native Missouri resident.

Although one disaffected Republican driven to us by Donald Trump said "I can't imagine why you wouldn't," we very well may not get a ticket with two former Republican governors. Dana Fogt, a sympathetic Republican from Raymore Missouri wrote, "I still think McAfee is nuts and Johnson is a flake, but I heard Petersen again on Glenn Beck's radio program, and he still hasn't said anything I disagree with. He would be much better in a debate than the other two."

Peterson has mounted a very effective campaign. The possibility exists that we could see an "all-Missouri" ticket emerge. Several other candidates will be in Florida this weekend working to advance the movement by running for president and vice president. Their pictures and links to their social media are on the national LP website http://www.lp.org/ under the "elections" tab.

Among the vice-presidential contenders are two Missourians, Daniel Hogan and Alica Dearn. Dan is a candidate for US Congress in the 3rd, and he points it out on his website for vice president. Alicia Dearn is an attorney we courted for the unfilled attorney general spot on our ticket. You can get to her website by using this link or visiting the national LP website.