Glenn Gustitus--Lends His Name with Gusto

Glenn Gustitus. His very name speaks of the enthusiasm he brings to the Party.
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He is at the Secretary of State's office at this minute, filing to get his name put on the ballot as the Libertarian Party's candidate for State Representative in District 12. He did not get there entirely without trepidation.

I have decided it is too soon for me to make a serious run at the position. However, if you just want a name on the ballot, with no other expectation at this time, I am still willing to do that. I understand how important it is to keep a name and a face in front of the people lest they forget that we are a serious alternative to the two parties that have dominated the landscape for so long.

Glenn is a retired psychotherapist, widowed, and lives with his son in Smithville, about 30 minutes north of KC. You can get a little more flavor from his Facebook page.

He knew he wanted to help the Libertarian Party and began by filing as a committee person at the Clay County version of the county clerk's office, the Board of Election Commissioners. He got our telephone number from them.

Now Glenn is in Jefferson City picking up the flag which he will carry for Libertarians in State Rep District 12. "I have the Kirkpatrick Building in my phone maps," he e-mailed. "I have the cash for filing in my wallet. I am more excited about the future than you can imagine."

Glenn is all in.
"This is how I feel," he wrote in the subject line of this e-mail.

Now is the time.
Never in the history of the United States, has there been a more desperate need for a viable, realistic, and sensible alternative to the Republican/Democratic two party system we have allowed to develop and have sustained. For years, they have been clones with different colored ties. Taxes, military budgets, exploding national debt are the result of out of control party lines that believe they can do anything they want as long as the people do nothing to stop them. Republican and Democrat alike. In all that law making and Constitutional abandonment, it's you and I that have taken the beating. We are simply no longer a free, independent, people. You can no longer say whatever is on your mind without fear or punishment. You can no longer travel unmolested, or feel safe within your own home. The Liberty that was envisioned by our founding fathers is a forgotten dream. The system has succeeded in instilling in each one of us a fear of strangers, foreigners, and even races of other human beings. It has moved us to surrendering our "inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." We willing have given up our right to privacy, to travel, and to associate with whomever we choose.
It need not be this way. We need not fear each other or our government. We need to step up and become responsible citizens and choose our own path into the future. Reject the path laid at our feet by the ruling class of the establishment. They have taken the power from us and established a fiefdom for themselves and their masters. They aren't about to vote for change. Not if it means cutting their budget, their benefits, their healthcare, or their retirements. We need Liberty to prevail. We need to look at alternatives who will struggle to give us back our integrity. Give you back your pride in who we are as a nation. Vote out those who refuse to look at what the people are saying and think they know better what you want and what is best for your family. Take back our right to decide our own form of healthcare, education, recreation, and labor. Free up the people to create jobs and industry rather than tie our hands in favor of those already in positions of influence. To encourage creativity, there must be a place for people to explore and create. Let us decide.
This crisis in our political system must open our eyes to what the United States has evolved into. Let's choose a path toward Liberty. Towards real justice and freedom. There are a million little things that crept into our system that were insidious changes that nudged us further and further from the individual independence we once cherished. There must be a million little changes to move the nation back towards the freedom we once knew. Every issue has a window of opportunity to give the people back their right to Liberty or to give more control to those in power. It is up to us. Your vote does count and can make a difference. It all depends on how you spend it.