Cisse Spragins Wins Nomination For Governor

Cisse Spragins won the Missouri Libertarian Party nomination for Governor at the mock convention held this past weekend in Jefferson City. She made an impassioned call for candidates and an eloquent address to the convention. (See below.)

Cisse Spragins with US Senate candidate Jonathan Dine.

In other news from the State Convention ...

The State Committee voted to approve a Nominating Convention. In future elections the voting members of the Missouri Libertarian Party will be able to choose a single candidate to represent us in any of the statewide races (US Senate, Gov., Lt. Gov., AG, SOS, Treas., Auditor).

Seventeen delegates were selected for the National Presidential Nominating Convention to be held Memorial Day weekend in Orlando. There are still seven more delegates we can send. Presidential electors were selected.

Herschel Young announced his intention to run for US Senate.

Cecil Ince announced his intention to run for County Commissioner in Greene County.

Austin Peterson, candidate for President of the United States, spoke to the convention.

Tony Kirk, Chief of Police Old Monroe, Missouri, and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), announce he has joined the Missouri Libertarian Party and spoke on behalf presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Karl Wetzel and Champion of Freedom Awards

Mike Lewis

"Michael Lewis of Richmond Heights received the Champion of Freedom Award in recognition and appreciation of generous donations from him and his wife, Ruth, to the Libertarian Party and many years of involvement in the Party. Mike has been a LP member since 1979 and regularly attends both state and national conventions. Thank you Michael!" --Bill Slantz

Andrew Bolin Family

"Andrew Bolin of St. Louis received the Champion of Freedom Award in recognition and appreciation of stepping up to Carry the Flag in short order. Andrew has showed great enthusiasm and evidentially not afraid to jump in the water with both feet. Having done so running for State Rep. this year without hesitation. On filing day I witness the Bolin family with children in tow unabashedly charge up the SOS Office steps to file for office. With that kind of bold confidence I am sure the people of the STL - District 83 will now have a new understanding of freedom. Thank you Andrew!"--Bill Slantz

Ron Bream

"Ron Bream of Lee's Summit received the Champion of Freedom Award in recognition and appreciation of organizing the 2015 State Fair, he was bold in trying some new ideas for stoppers by and worked several shifts. Additionally, Ron has provided us with clear business plans for tackling some of our other tasks. Ron also serves on the Missouri State Committee. Thank you Ron!" --Bill Slantz

Greg Tlapek

The Karl Wetzel Award for lifetime achievement is the Party's highest honor. Karl Wetzel was a Libertarian Party activist, candidate and MOLP State Treasure who suffered a heart attack several years ago, leaving no heirs. He willed his $50K life insurance proceeds to the Libertarian party. They were split 50/50 with the national LP, while his 401 (k) with no beneficiary went to the state.

"This year, the Party presents the Karl Wetzel award to our Executive Director Greg Tlapek. Greg's dedication to Carrying the Flag for Missouri Libertarians is obvious to most of us. Additionally, he has offered mentorships and motivation to many and leadership to us all. Thank you Greg!" --Bill Slantz

Cisse Spragins--Call For Candidates

The main function of the Libertarian Party is to run candidates for office who support the Party's principle of less government and more freedom, in order to move public policy towards increased liberty. The utilitarian goal is increased prosperity and peace. The moral imperative is that we may live in a society free of legitimized force, coercion, violence and theft. Those candidates who win will be able to directly influence public policy. Those candidates who don't win will have magnified their voice for liberty, often being the only consistent voice for freedom in their race, amidst the status quo rhetoric of statism that will be put forth by the older party candidates. There is no greater to way to serve the Party's objective.

While the Libertarian Party supports any and all activism genuinely aimed at increasing liberty, running for office on the LP ticket has two benefits that other forms of activism often don't. Firstly it speaks to people at precisely the time when they are most attuned to politics, providing an immediate action they can take, and secondly it threatens statist politicians like little else can, in that their greatest desire is to get elected.

So if you're tired of the statist rhetoric and the lies, if you want to give liberty a voice, if you think you can do a better job than your "representative" at protecting our freedoms, then step up and take action.