Cecil Ince--Secretary of State

Cecil Ince is doing more than his duty this year. If he feels any need to make up for times in his 15 year history with the Party when he might not have been active, he's doing double duty now.

Not only is he willing to carry the flag for the Libertarian Party in the 2016 presidential race, Cecil has declared his intention to pick it up in the Missouri Secretary of State race in case he is shot down in the presidential primary.

Cecil will file for the Secretary of State position and withdraw from the race if he wins the presidential nomination at our national convention Memorial Day weekend in Orlando. If he should withdraw as our only candidate for Secretary of State, the State Committee of the Missouri Libertarian Party would have the right to select another candidate for the primary election in August.

The Missouri Presidential Preference Primary is March 15, five Tuesdays from today. Cecil will be one of five Libertarian candidates on our ballot.