Bill Wayne--Senate Worthy

Missourians in any district would do well to have Bill Wayne as their State Senator. It will be up to the voters in State Senate District 21 to put him there. The only question is whether they are free thinking enough to recognize that now is the time for the Libertarian Party to enter the legislature. Senators, whether at the state level or the federal level, are usually a cut above. Bill is senate worthy.

Solidly libertarian with a practical bent, Bill understands state politics. He is known in his area for his articles in the paper on matters of public policy. He has also gained respectable name recognition as a Libertarian candidate for public office, having run for State Representative four times, and one time for Presiding Commissioner since 1998.

Bill's district encompasses the counties of Johnson, Lafayette, Saline, Howard, Ray, Carroll, Caldwell and Livingston.

He and his wife, Sandra, have a bed and breakfast in a bucolic setting outside Warrensburg. For diversion, Bill participates in Civil War reenactments. We could not want a better person to carry our flag.