The Supreme Court Will Hear Washington D.C. Gun Ban Case

The Washington Post has an article regarding the Supreme Court deciding to hear the Washington D.C. gun ban case.

As with the Supreme Court's 1939 hearing of the 'U.S. v. Miller' case (which centered around a sawed-off shotgun), the Supreme Court may decide to address only a portion of the issue. Likely, they will look at whether the combination of laws which D.C. has regarding firearm banning amount en toto to an affective ban on all firearms. This is an aspect of the case they are likely to uphold.

So, those who want a clear "personal right" versus "collective right" decision, probably won't get it. At the very least however, the decision they make will certainly serve as a weather-vane. Will the USA continue down the European and Brazilian gun-grabber route to state control and dwindling freedoms? Or will there be a renewed vigor to restore and bolster the freedoms we've been losing for the last 60 years?

And how does this apply to Missouri? Missouri is one of the more self-defense friendly states around. For the most part, Missouri doesn't seem to mind people being responsible for themselves, doesn't mind people standing on their own two feet. Missouri doesn't seem to have much against someone defending themselves or their loved ones either.

However, if the Supreme Court decides in favor of Washington D.C., the political landscape could change, and change quickly. There are a lot of big out-of-state organizations with political agendas that would love to come in and break the hold on self-defense rights and firearm ownership that Missouri citizens have determinedly kept in place. The question is, will they have a new icon to hang from their proverbial lances? A decision from the Supreme Court upholding D.C.'s affective banning of all firearms could easily give them that new icon to march behind.