Restoring the 2nd Ammendment in Missouri

The HCS/SCS/SBs 62 & 41 bill is very close to going on to the Governor for a signature. Originally 62/41 started as several separate bills in both the Missouri House and Senate. As the different related bills went in and out of committee, they passed various votes and were combined to form what is now HCS/SCS/SBs 62 & 41. The Senate passed it and sent it to the House. The House made changes, and voted it "Do Pass" with 154 'yea' to 6 'nay' on May 2nd, 2007. Now this bill goes back to the Senate to consider the changes. If they pass it, it will go to the Governor's desk for (hopefully) a signature.

This bill is sponsored by Senator Jack Goodman. It would define that a lawful citizen "has no duty to retreat and has the right to meet force with force if he or she reasonably believes it necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony." It would also provide for immunity from civil suit in the event a lawful citizen was found justified in using lethal force in self-defense. In addition this bill would repeal the Permit To Acquire (PTA) requirements of Missouri law, as well reduce the current criminal penalty for transfer of a concealable firearm down to an infraction. In light of the recent VT Tech tragedy, it is likely that an additional ammendment regarding reporting of court-ordered mental health treatment to the NICS system will be added.

As this bill now goes back to the Senate, and since time in this current legislative session is running out, now is the time to contact your Senator and the Governor and let them know if you support this bill.

If signed by Governor Matt Blunt, this law would become effective on August 28, 2007.