Permit-To-Acquire Going Away

It's a step in the right direction; Under current Missouri law, if a person sells or gives a small firearm to someone else, without first making the other person get a Permit To Acquire (PTA), then both people are guilty of a class A criminal misdemeanor. Missouri House Bill 462 would change that. If passed, HB462 would remove the much criticized PTA requirement and reduce the penalties down to an infraction (basically, a ticket) and at most a $100 fine. People would still be required to adhere to Federal 18 U.S.C. Section 922 however.

It's a start at reducing the daunting multitude of unnecessary gun restriction laws. It would also remove yet another opportunity for law abiding citizens to suddenly and unexpectedly become "criminals" who are "guilty" of a victim-less "crime".

House Bill 462 is sponsored by Representative Brian Munzlinger. This bill was recently reported as "do pass" on March 15th by the Missouri House.