Mo House Bill 189 Passes 143 - 3

Missouri House Bill 189 passed in the House of Representatives today by a vote of 143 yea to 3 nay. This bill will now move on to the Senate, where it has not yet been scheduled for a reading.

This bill is intended to amend RSMo Chapter 563 of Missouri law covering the use of deadly force. This bill, if passed by the Senate, would establish the "Castle Doctrine" for Missouri as well as providing for immunity to civil suits in cases of justified self-defense. This bill was combined with House Bill 60, so you'll see it listed as House Bill Nos. 189 & 60.

The bill was altered slightly as it passed through committee. The bill retained the defining conditions, as well as the assumption of justification under those conditions. It also retained defining that a person has no duty-to-retreat having met the conditions. However, in the wording for the immunity section, "criminal prosecution" was dropped, leaving only the immunity from civil action.

Still, despite the dropping of criminal prosecution protection, this is a large step forward for Missouri's self-defense rights.

Next the bill goes on to the Missouri Senate.