Missouri 2nd Amendment Gains in Trouble

Missouri's hopes for gaining ground on the 2nd Amendment were quite possibly dashed today as the Missouri Senate rejected the House changes to SB-62. The Missouri Senate has asked that the House either withdraw the changes or it will be sent to a conference committee. With little time remaining in the current legislative session, it is a most likely fate that this bill will simply fade away, lost in committee. If this happens, it will have to wait and be refiled next legislative session, where the whole process will have to start over again from scratch.

This is a sad fate for what was originally several prefiled bills. Over the legislative session these bills were drawn together into one bill, HCS SCS SBs 62 & 41. They-and-then-It went in and out of committee, and were voted on with highly favorable "Do Pass" margins in both the Missouri House and Senate. Unfortunately both sides kept making ammendments, forcing it to go back and forth in badminton-esque fashion between the House, Senate, and their committees.

Late Addition:
The Missouri House has decided not to decline its changes to SB-62. This means it will now go to a joint conference between the Senate and House.