License Those Evil Bullets!

State Senator Eric Adams of Brooklyn, New York, wants to license bullets. He and others like him would further make laws that allow a person to only buy ammunition as specified for the firearm listed on a gun license. Purchases of bullets would also be registered with the State. The State bills Sen. Eric Adams and two others are proposing come after a tragic event were a man shot and killed a bartender and an auxiliary police officer in a Greenwich Village restaurant.

Although this is occurring in New York, similar legislation is also being proposed elsewhere around the country. And it could happen here. All it would take is for one unfortunate, tragic event to occur in Missouri, and the bills would come rolling in.

Unfortunately, these bills miss the point. The bullets are not evil. The guns do not attack people, kill them, rape them, nor rob them. Neither do the bullets that go in the guns. It is violent criminals who do these things. Criminals rob. Criminals commit murder. Criminals break into houses and steal things. Rather than introduce new bills, legislation, and laws, simply enforce the laws we have... and make the sentences stick.

Licensing and legal restrictions on bullets would affectively amount to nothing more than an attempt to condition people to licensing and legal restrictions. This serves well to pave the way for more licensing; past conditioning is a wonderful means of assuring acceptance of future further licensing and restrictions (just look at our tax code and our driveraEU(tm)s license renewal process!).

As with hand-guns, knives, and machetes, the law abiding citizens will obey and the criminals will continue to ignore the law. Meanwhile, valuable law enforcement time, funds, and effort will be spent tracking and recording all these licensed bullets... the huge majority of which will end up in dirt banks immediately after punching little holes through empty aluminum cans.

Read the story "Guns Aren't Enough - Pols Want Bullet Control" in the New York Post Online.