Castle Doctrine and PTA Repeal Passes Mo House

By a vote of 151 to 6 the SCS for HCS for SCS for SBs 62 & 41 (combined, perfected) bill passed the Missouri House. Next stop, the Governor's desk.

This bill defines the Castle Doctrine for Missouri; that within your home or vehicle you have a legal right to meet violent criminal force with force and defend yourself, without being required to first retreat. It also grants a person found lawfully justified in self-defense an immunity from criminal and civil lawsuit in connection with that act of self-defense. In addition, the Permit to Acquire (PTA) system for purchasing concealable firearms is repealed. Since the VT Tech tragedy, an addition was (slightly earlier) added regarding reporting of court-ordered mental health treatment to the NICS system. This bill also allows Federal flight deck officers and some retired police officers to carry concealed firearms without first obtaining a concealed-carry weapons (CCW) permit. Lastly, it allows law enforcement departments to sell confiscated firearms and keep the proceeds.