Volunteer to help the Missouri Libertarian Party

There are many ways YOU can help the Missouri Libertarian Party and its candidates.


1) Make friends for the LP

  1. Claim it--absolutely all your friends and family should know you're Libertarian. Use your social media. Like the Missouri Libertarian Party Facebook page.

  2. Be friendly when you're talking about it. Say something nice about the LP whenever politics is discussed.

2) Get informed

  1. Know who is running for office on our ticket, and where people can find them.

  2. Every Missourian will see at least 7 Libertarian Party candidates on their November ballot including President.

3) Ask someone to vote for a Libertarian

  1. You may not be able to convince your mom to vote for Gary Johnson for president, but you can make a convincing argument that voting for a Libertarian who is running against an incumbent will not cost her anything. That is, turn the wasted vote argument around. She's wasting her vote whether she votes for the incumbent or against them. Incumbents almost always win. If your mom loves you, she'll vote for at least one of the Libertarians on her ballot.